Make Your Own Ultimate Postpartum Kit

Congratulations! You had a baby or you're about to. Your poor awesome bottom is (will be) most definitely sore. In the midst of taking care of that precious little human, don't forget to care for the orifice she came out of. If you didn't already do so, put together a postpartum kit to nurse that vagina and pelvic floor back to health. Better yet, have someone grab these items for you.

If you're putting together a postpartum kit for yourself, a girlfriend, sister or partner, here's a list of essential items for your/her tender bottom the days (and weeks) after giving birth.

Must Haves

Tucks pads* - To provide healing for your two holes and perineum
Stool softener - Because you don't want strain after giving birth, but don't over do it because stool that's too loose is a challenge too
Peri bottle* - Spray with water while peeing if it stings and use in lieu of wiping with a tissue
Sitz bath* - To provide comfort to your sore sore bottom (warm and cool feel great depending on your mood)
Sitz bath herb blend - Add some healing herbs to the sitz bath water
Period undies - Don't dirty your nice undies, postpartum blood is inevitable and can last weeks (e.g. Thinx, Costco pack of full back cotton undies, any cheap cotton and full back undies, adult diapers, disposable undies*)
Witch hazel for spray bottle and crotchsicles - It's a natural astringent. Drizzle some on watered area of your DIY crotchsicle before freezing them
Heavy duty pads* for bleeding and crotchsicles - You won't be able to use tampons or diva cups. The thick ones are especially good for DIY crotchsicles
Aloe vera gel optional for crotchsicles - Some like to add aloe vera gel to the DIY crotchsicle
Inflatable donut* - To tolerate sitting on any firm surface, especially after tearing
Postpartum belly wrap - To help keep it all from flapping around. Many cultures practice postpartum belly wrapping

* Your hospital may provide these and may be included in your insurance coverage. Definitely ask for them (and extras) before you leave.

For Breastfeeding Mamas

Mother's Milk Tea - To help promote milk production
Nursing Bra - Get comfy, no underwire, and easy to wash ones
Lansinoh Heat/cold pack - Breastfeeding can hurt, especially at the beginning or when your ducts get plugged. Soothe them with heat or cold
Comfy soft button down PJs - To easily whip out that boob and feel comfy all day (and night)
Pump bra if pumping with a double breast pump - Technically you don't need this but it sure helps, especially when you're trying to massage your breasts while pumping

Oh-So-Worth-It Extras

Squatty potty - To help with passing bowel, ergonomic defecating, and less straining
Fridababy Fridet Mom Spray - It has an angled spout so that it gently sprays directly on the area you need it too. Think of it like a luxurious upgrade from the peri bottle with a cute water resistant travel pouch
Period panties - These are so good for eco-minded mamas who don't want to go through a bag of pads every other day. Thinx makes cute ones best used after the initial few days when the bleeding is heaviest. Get $15 off Thinx undies here
Placenta Pills - Help balance your fluctuating hormones and postpartum blues, as well as increase your energy and milk production. Talk to your midwife, naturopathic doctor, or health provider. You may also need to take a hepatitis C test

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